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Why Are We Fat?

Why Are We Fat?
Why Are We Fat?
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Why am I fat, really, why? I ask myself that a lot. Then I read this study. Being fat is as contagious as measles. What? If you hang around with people who are overweight you’ll be overweight. This means that if you’re tucking into a Dunkin donut or a KFC bucket of deep fried chicken while listening to my radio show or reading this, you’re why I’m fat. Well admittedly it’s more about the people you live with or work with but you get my drift. Anyhow, once I got over the fact that you eating junk food makes me fat I also read this: being fat keeps you fat. Sigh!
Yep, being fat keeps you fat. It’s all about insulin. If you’re fat and you eat high-density carbs, boom, your insulin surges. This turns your sugar high into fat cells so fast that you feel hungry minutes later forcing you to finish that packet of cookies even though you swore to yourself the pack would last a week. Think of it this way. With edema in heart failure, your body has lots of water but in all the wrong places. This means every time you drink most of the water ends in your legs or worse, your lungs. Simply put it’s not where it should be in the vascular tree, so your heart can pump it. This is what insulin does to your sugar high. It turns it into fat cells robbing you of the sugar you need to keep going. The result is you have to eat way more than you actually need just to keep your blood sugar level normal and the insulin surges pack on the pounds. As my head reels with all I’m doing wrong this pops up.
Butter is back!
Are you kidding me!?! No, a recent meta-analysis in the Annals of Internal Medicine found what a lot of nutritionists have suspected for a long time. Saturated fat does NOT increase the risk of a heart attack. My grandmother was right. She used to mock the doctors who told her to quit eating butter and steak. You’ll live long enough, says she, you’ll see all you’re doing is turning your nose up to good food. Fat’s flavor. The woman was right. Sorry I doubted you grandma. BTW, she was 94 when she died. Eating what she liked, as long as it was full of flavor, until the day she died. And lean as a wisp her whole life she was. So how did we go so wrong?
The science behind saturated fat was dubious at best but it had a good salesman in Dr. Ancel Keys. He sold it well and ended up on the cover of Time magazine back in the day when it meant something. Even though critics at the time pointed out major flaws in his research, the nation was reeling from an epidemic of heart disease. Men in their forties and fifties were dropping like flies from heart attacks. President Eisenhower himself had a heart attack. The feeling was we had to do something. And something we did. We switched to a low fat, high carb diet. Meaning bye, bye, meat and eggs, hello pasta, potatoes and highly processed, factory food.
Of course nobody’s going to eat stuff that doesn’t taste good. So after we sucked the fat out we put in lots of sugar and salt. This means that even stuff that should be healthy has so much added sugar you’ll pack on the pounds speeding you to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Take low fat yogurt. It has 19 – 27 grams of sugar. You might as well “treat” yourself to a Twix or a Mars bar. At least that way you know you know you’re eating junk. You know you’ll put on weight but you’re not fooling yourself.
But, but, you love carbs and have been raised to fear fat as much as radiation. Is there no hope? You can break the cycle by eating real food and avoiding anything that my grandmother wouldn’t have considered real food. In other words if it wasn’t around a hundred years ago don’t put it in your body. And as for meat it’s all about quantity and quality. In other words, moderation.

So please, I beg you, next time you’re about to tuck into a bucket of deep fried chicken, don’t. Cause I can’t afford the calories. I’m
fat enough already.

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