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Underwear under there?

Underwear under there?
Underwear under there?
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The option of NOT wearing underwear has been around since the 60s.  And, I don’t mean the 1960s when the baby boomers think they invented sex.  I mean the 1860s.  Generally speaking, what we today call “underwear” wasn’t widely worn until the 1800s.  And, believe it or not, MEN started wearing underwear more regularly than women.

So, is “going commando” ok?  It’s probably better than if you don’t change your underwear regularly!  Medically speaking, there’s no link between going commando and getting infections down there.  And a lot say it’s more comfortable.  Think, no wedgies.

But, wearing clean underwear is a bit more sanitary and appreciated in our modern lives.  And, if you regularly don skivvies, you can probably keep from washing those skinny jeans every time you wear them.

A recent survey revealed that the average woman has 20 everyday pair of panties and at least 10 “special.”   For the gentlemen out there, this may seem like over-kill but it does postpone washing and you might be lucky enough to rate seeing a “special” pair.

So, what are the rules of undergarments?  Just make sure they are not too tight and for the ladies, cotton in that intimate area tends to keep things well ventilated.  Underwear while sleeping?  Some say it’s better to “take the air down there” during slumber.  Generally, I agree but also advise to do what’s most comfortable for you.

And, for you gentlemen, it may be a hassle to keep up with the laundry but generally speaking, underwear can help you out.  When men’s briefs were invented in 1935, they were advertised to provide “restful buoyancy”.   And who doesn’t need a bit of that in their life!

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