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September 2015

September 30: In the news the cure for loneliness is EASE, E A S E…

September 29: Cycling is fun and healthy but you gotta be careful…

September 28: Migraines, migraines, migraines — sometimes the word alone is enough to give me a headache.

September 25: Boys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses…

September 24: When your doc tells you there’s no fracture BUT you’re ankle is big, swollen and you can’t stand on it, does this mean it’s not serious? 

September 23: As the days get shorter this means the flu virus is gearing up to visit.

September 22: Zombies autism & Trump.

September 21: Is an aspirin a day better than an apple a day at keeping the doctor away?

September 18:Being forgetful about feeling regretful is doctor recommended tonic for your soul.

September 17: Good news for frat boys of all ages!

September 16: Fiber: what is it, why do you need it and where do you get it?

September 15: Dr. Chambers: Is your blood pressure too high?  A new land mark study says yes!

September 14: Dr. Chambers: Tap water versus bottle waters, what’s healthier?

September 11: Dr. Chambers: Pain and no gain…

September 10: Dr. Chambers: Blue Zones and the secret to a longer life…

September 9: Dr. Chambers: Short sleepers catch more colds.

September 8: Dr. Chambers: You or your child has a concussion, what now?

September 7: Dr. Chambers: The danger of stopping and starting prescription meds willy nilly.

September 4: Dr. Chambers: How to stay young at heart. Heart Age Calculator

September 3: Dr. Chambers: We all know that alcohol can get you intoxicated but water?

September 2: Dr. Chambers: Ladies, is life getting in the way of you having a baby?

September 1: Dr. Chambers: You can never be too thin says the wag, but can your cholesterol be too low?