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November 2015

November 30: Doctor my eyes twitch – help!

November 27: Alright, we’re in the holiday season otherwise know as the eating season.

November 26: America, in a word, abundance…

November 25: In the news the medical reversal…

November 24: “Tune in, talk more, take turns” sounds like it’s an interactive talk show, but it’s not — yet it is…

November 23: How to save money on prescription meds when you’re on Medicare.

November 20: Millennial women track their periods and, yes, there’s an app for that…in fact many apps.

November 19: In the news, Charlie Sheen’s mule kick to his soul.

November 18: Tomorrow, Thursday, is the great American smoke out.

November 17: Headache, creeping nausea and dizziness…computers are making us sick.

November 16: In the news, know your deal breakers when it comes to new relationships.

November 13: In the news, the US Soccer Federation gets serious about head injuries…

November 12: In the news, the lower your blood pressure is, the better. Is it time to pile on the drugs?…

November 11: In the news doctors who are afraid to “undertreat”…

November 10: In the news, a teen sexting scandal rocks a Colorado town – sex your teen & the talk.

November 9: Smart phones & not so smart owners.

November 6: So you work out…hard. Feel great but 2 days later you hurt, bad. What’s going on?

November 5: Can cubism help you lose weight?

November 4: Can being NEAT, as in N E A T make you healthy?

November 3: Do you want your doctor’s opinion?

November 2: You wanna lose weight. You wanna eat fast food. Can you do both??