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July 2015

July 31: Dr. Chambers: Shop for a Doc

July 30: Dr. Chambers: Exercise Snacks

July 29: Dr. Chambers: Sleeping is Not The Enemy

July 28: Dr. Chambers: There’s more to ED than a pill.

July 27: Dr. Chambers: NSAIDs, can they break your heart?

July 24: Dr. Chambers: Falling — When Exercise Gets You Down

July 23: Dr. Chambers on Dehydration

July 22: Dr. Chambers: Smart Phones

July 21: Dr. Chambers: Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

July 20: Dr. Chambers: The semicolon

July 17: Dr. Chambers: Waxing Philosophy

July 16: Dr. Chambers: Heroin is now mainstream

July 15: Dr. Chambers: How doctors’ work notes inadvertently get pregnant women fired

July 14: Dr. Chambers: Nosey neighbors in the nose.

July 13: Dr. Chambers: “Smell Ya’ shouldn’t have to tell ya.”

July 10: Dr. Chambers: Do real men shave?

July 9: Dr. Chambers: Bono and you too need sunglasses

July 8: Dr. Chambers on Your Skin & The Sun

July 7: Dr. Chambers: 68 is the new 43

July 6 Dr. Chambers on Trans Fats

July 3: Dr. Chambers on July 4 Holiday Food Tips

July 2: Dr. Chambers on Hot Dog Pizza’s – aka job security for doctors

July 1 Dr. Chambers: Are panties a must, healthwise?