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February 2016

February 29: In the news, how much weight loss is enough?

February 26: In the news, inequality in life span…

February 25: What’s your addiction? Pink, blue, yellow? I’m talking sweeteners.

February 24: In the news, does testosterone supplements work for low T syndrome?

February 23: In the news, when it comes to your heart, what you eat is not as important as we thought.

February 12: In the news, women alcohol and the Feds.

February 11: In the news, when it comes to heart attacks, women really are different than men.

February 10: In the news, souping is the new juicing.

February 9: In the news, Jim Kinham’s question to a presidential candidate reverberates in a cacophonous white house race.

February 5: In the news shared decision making…

February 4: In the news, the mind-body connection and your doctor…

February 3: Someone you love has been given bad medical news, what do you do?

February 2: It’s February now, how’s that January diet going?

February 1: In the news, a short quick quiz to see if you’re at risk for an STI.