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December 2015

December 18: ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so invite the curmudgeon, the bah humbug guy or gal, to the office party or whatever’s going on.

December 17: Distracted pedestrians, thanks to cell phones, are becoming frequent flyers in emergency rooms.

December 16: It’s holiday time, which means it’s family time. But what if you’re not getting along with a family member, how do you go about patching things up?

December 15: In the news, a new report says some States are way healthier than others. The question is, why?

December 14: Do sleeping pills work?

December 11: In the news how to make a middle-aged brain young again.

December 10: In the news, a new form of breast implant, the so-called ideal implant.

December 9: In the news —  a shocker — the Feds say we’re losing the war on AIDS.

December 8: In the news, after hearing bad news stories on the cholesterol lowering drugs statins, people simply quit taking them.

December 7: In the news, is football the new boxing?

December 4: In the news, for the first time in decades, good news about diabetes.

December 3: In the news quality of sleep is as important as quantity.

December 2: OTC, over the counter medicines, work but you must know if they’re right for you.

December 1: In the news bleeding control kits…