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August 2015

August 31: Dr. Chambers: Dr. Google’s in the office. Should you consult?

August 28: Dr. Chambers: Are e-cigs the lesser of two evils when it comes to smoking?

August 27: Dr. Chambers: Flexitarianism – a new celebrity religion?

August 26: Dr. Chambers: How to avoid food fights at family dinner.

August 25: Dr. Chambers: Desire in a Pill

August 24: Dr. Chambers: The work of being a patient.

August 21: Dr. Chambers: What’s in a label?

August 20: Dr. Chambers: In the news, Africa celebrates one year free of polio.

August 19: Dr. Chambers: PRG- post-relationship grief.

August 18: Dr. Chambers: Is there ever a time when the spiritual side of the doctor-patient relationship should be front and center?

August 17: Dr. Chambers: Squeezing from the bottom

August 14: Dr. Chambers: Kim Kardashian gives free medical advice…should you be buying?

August 13: Dr. Chambers: Coca-Cola is selling all calories are equal, BUT are they?

August 12: Dr. Chambers: Listen, your feet are talking to you.

August 11: Dr. Chambers: “Ghosting” spreads to cancer.

August 10: Dr. Chambers: You and Your Doctor, The Relationship that can Save Your Life

August 7: Dr. Chambers: Heartburn Burns

August 6: Dr. Chambers:The Zuckerbergs’ Miscarriage and Your Health

August 5: Dr. Chambers: Does the President of the United States ever need a doctor’s note?

August 4: Dr. Chambers: Happy birthday Medicare!

August 3: Dr. Chambers: Who’s Your Daddy?