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Take A Seat

Take A Seat
Take A Seat
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Let me ask you something personal – what’s your relationship like with your toilet seat?   Is there some mutual respect?  Or is it more of a one way relationship?   What about a public toilet?  That’s generally an entirely other type of relationship and one that we don’t want lasting any longer than it absolutely has to.

Our relationship with toilet seats goes way beyond the simple “lid up or down” quandary.  In fact, things can get very personal and many a seat has been implicated as the culprit in a medical diagnosis.

So, did the toilet seat do it?  Was the mere act of sitting for a very brief period of time enough to contract something serious?

The truth is that germs and bugs generally need an open cut or a free ride to get into our bodies.   And the free ride is us touching our mouth, nose or eyes with dirty hands.

Intact skin is a great protector against infection. And guess what? The skin of your rear end and legs is pretty thick.  Meaning, bugs have a hard time getting through it.  And, although the toilet seat is the likely scapegoat, other bathroom surfaces like door latches are magnets for bugs.


How do you make your bathroom visit safer?  You can squat if you like – think of it as a yoga pose.  But, that toilet seat probably isn’t going to harm you – just don’t touch it with your hands.  Washing afterwards for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water is what it’s all about.  And I always use my paper towel to open the door to exit.


One more thing: STI’s, sexually transmitted infections, are sometimes picked up in bathrooms but that’s because the person isn’t alone in the room and well, use your imagination. I’m here to say, the toilet seat is always innocent…

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