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October 2015

October 30: The downside of the increasingly common high deductibles in medical insurance.

October 29: In the news, more everyday food that maybe, possibly, will give you cancer.

October 28: PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, seems such a modern problem, BUT it’s not. It’s as old as life itself.

October 27: In the news, to treat or not to treat, that is the question.

October 26: Good sugar; bad sugar…

October 23: In the news, screen time for children…

October 22: In the news, mammograms, who needs one?

October 21: Does an ice-cold beer after a work out hit the spot or not?

October 20: In the news, for the lack of a second opinion a small town in Indiana reels.

October 19: In the news Hannibal Lecter loves his coffee black. What does it say about you if you drink your coffee black?

October 16: Eat poop and die is the old school-yard taunt, but is it true?

October 15: What’s bad for ducks is bad for us.

October 14: Is the shingles vaccine worth getting?

October 13: In the news MRSA, the NFL and your health.

October 12: In the news, a public health problem raises its ugly head again…

October 9: In the news, what your heart calcium score tells you.

October 8: In the news, a Kennedy breaks the family code.

October 7: When is the best time to take your blood pressure meds, morning or night?

October 6: Portion control, what is it?

October 5: Butter eggs and shrimp are back in style…

October 2: Not all fruits and veggies are created equal…

October 1: A blind spot in your outpatient visit that can have devastating consequences…