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Hot Dogs and Pizza Join the Party

Hot Dogs and Pizza Join the Party
Hot Dogs and Pizza Join the Party
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Now it’s even easier to have both pizza and hot dogs at your party. Yes, once thought of as completely separate, zero nutritional junk foods, thanks to Pizza Hut, you can now enjoy the co-mingling of white bread swimming in high calorie cheese topped with salty pepperoni AND,  mini hot dogs encased in a pretzel bread as the crust!   YUM!

At an estimated 460 calories per slice and delivering 88% of your sodium for the day, the hot dog pizza compares with 120 calories for the average slice of pizza.    And who ever eats just one slice?  And what about the soda or beer you’re bound to wash all the salty goodness down with?

So, unless you’re planning to skip a meal to make up for the hot dog pizza calorie load, consider something healthier with less calories.   The hot dog crust pizza is exactly the type of foods that land you in my office with weight issues, diabetes and hypertension.

My plea to fast food makers of the world – shift your focus to keeping your actual food fresh and not your food concepts fresh.  The pizza with hot dog crust might be news, but it’s not GOOD NEWS for anyone who eats it.  And what’s next – the pizza burrito?  A slice of pepperoni pizza rolled up in a tortilla filled with rice and beans and cheese?  (If this becomes a reality, remember, you heard it here first!)

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