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Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
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For all you commuters out there, can you positively identify the song on the radio in the car next to you? If you can and you’re moving to the groove, it’s ok for you. But I can assure you, it is NOT ok for the driver next to you.

So, what, exactly are you risking when you face the music too loud and too often?

There are many causes of hearing loss but your commuting neighbor is on their way to noise-induced hearing loss.   Our inner ears are comprised of a complicated group of tiny bones and other structures that are sensitive to prolonged exposure to loud noise. Our ears have what is called “hair” cells, that can become damaged and eventually die. And, this results in noise-induced hearing loss.

So, what, medically speaking, constitutes loud noise? Any prolonged sounds above 85 decibels could be harmful.

As a reference, a normal conversation is about 60 decibels. In contrast, heavy city traffic registers about 85 decibels. Now we’re getting into the danger zone now.   Those Harley Hog motorcycles that wiz by you – that’s at least 95 decibels. And, the level of sound that’s coming from your innocuous MP3 player at maximum volume? You guessed it, 105 decibels – way, WAY, WAY beyond safe or healthy.

In fact, the Europeans have banned listening devices from even being able to crank out these harmful decibels. How many times have you sat next to someone at Starbucks and could hear what they were listening to with headphones? No wonder they ignored you when you asked to borrow that chair!

You can’t live in our modern world without some exposure to loud noise, but you can be smart about avoiding what you can control. And, if you work in an occupation that’s notorious for causing hearing loss, be sure to observe all the recommended guidelines for safety gear and process.

Sometimes, we all have to face and HEAR the music – so, be smart and protect your hearing.

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