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Getting a Dinosaur to Heel

Getting a Dinosaur to Heel
Getting a Dinosaur to Heel
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In the summer blockbuster Jurassic World, dinosaurs stomp and chomp through box office records, and the movie’s heroine (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) runs from the woman-devouring prehistoric creatures in… high heels?

The question is, “are they the best shoes to run for your life in?”  “Are they the best shoes for life?”

What’s the big deal – they look great, right?  But, there are some health implications from wearing high heels. Not only do high heels alter the foot-ankle relationship, the effect runs all the way up to your spine, leading to ankle instability, balance problems and muscle strain from the foot to the hamstring muscles in your legs.  And, there’s the obvious: your feet will probably hurt at the end of the day.

Heels aren’t walking away anytime soon, so here are my top three tips for living with them:

  1. Heel lifts – while barefoot, stand on your toes, repeat – repeatedly.
  2. Heel drops – stand on an edge such as a step (be sure to hold on to something for safety) and slowly lower your heel over the edge. Repeat, repeatedly.
  3. While sitting at your desk, slip off the heels, because even when you’re not walking they’re messing up your ankles.

And as for running for your life in heels with dinosaurs hot on your tail? Not recommended.   Remember, the slowest person gets eaten first.   And although the dinosaur may still be hungry, you have a better chance if you’re hauling tail in practical footwear.

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