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Food Goes Day-Part Agnostic

Food Goes Day-Part Agnostic
Food Goes Day-Part Agnostic
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If you’re anything like me, you’re saying to yourself, what the heck does day-part agnostic mean?  And what does it have to do with food?

Well, if you’ve ever read a food critic’s review, you know they are always coming up with interesting ways to describe food in general, cooking food and eating food.  So, food going “day-part agnostic” means that you can basically eat whatever you want WHEN you want – no judgment!

So, salad for breakfast, knock yourself out – leafy greens are great for you.  Breakfast for dinner, why not?  Unless it’s the GRAND SLAM at Denny’s.  It’s better to make dinner a lighter meal anyway.

Does it matter what you eat when?  Probably not – many Asian cultures enjoy a spicy soup and some broiled fish for breakfast.  What does matter is getting a balanced diet with some fruits and vegetables, no matter what time of day you eat them.  A little steamed broccoli for breakfast?  Get your day off to a nutritious, fiber-filled start!

So, day-part agnostic eating – go for it – as long as it’s not a big dinner at every meal.

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