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Dr. Chambers On Call Medical Minutes

Dr. Chambers On Call Medical Minutes
Dr. Chambers On Call Medical Minutes
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The Dr. Chambers On Call daily medical minutes are now part of the DCoC podcast feed. You can find a new one HERE every weekday. Plus now you can subscribe as well, so they’ll automatically download to your computer or mobile device every weekday. Just click on our iTunes page to subscribe, or copy and paste this URL into your favorite podcasting software or app: http://drchambersoncall.com/podcast/feed/podcasts/


March 8: Standing like a stork is doctor recommended to improve your balance…

March 7: In the news, HMO’s are making a comeback.

March 4: In the news, not all sugar is created equal.

March 3: In the news, pets, allergies and airplanes.

March 2: In the news, “benzos” overdoses are surging…

March 1: In the news, Kaely Cuocco’s tattoo and you.

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