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Bite Night

Bite Night
Bite Night
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Much to everyone’s horror, bed bugs are back.  Yes, the world has yet to eradicate Cimex Lectularius – the common bed bug.  I’m reminded of the old childhood saying:  “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” But what happens if they do bite?

Well, although extremely creepy, bed bugs don’t transmit infections so no worries there. In fact, you don’t even feel them bite. All that happens is that you wake up with little clusters of red bumps on your face, neck arms and hands. They don’t look that bad but can be very itchy.  And, the thought of that creature feasting on your blood all night can be a little unsettling.

Most bed bug bites require topical creams for the itch. Occasionally scratching will cause a skin infection called cellulitis and antibiotics are prescribed for that.

So, how do you avoid a possible “bite night?”  Unfortunately, being exposed to bed bugs is just a bit of bad luck.  They’ve been reported in some of the finest luxury hotels.  Bed bugs are great hitchhikers and can latch onto clothes, luggage or whatever to make their way.  So, even if your home is bed bug free, they can arrive as unwanted guests if you’ve had a recent hotel stay.

The best treatment, once you are absolutely sure they are the culprit, is to get rid of them from your home with the help of a professional exterminator.   After that, you can “sleep tight” and forget the rest of the saying.

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