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Belly Up to the Bar

Belly Up to the Bar
Belly Up to the Bar
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Is beer really “liquid bread” and more fattening than other forms of alcohol?  There have been many rumors brewing for a while now.  The truth is beer is made from fermented grains and yes, contains carbohydrates.  The Egyptians ate a type of fermented porridge that was the precursor to beer.  And thank goodness we’ve evolved it into a beverage.  Can you imagine meeting your friends after work for a fermented bowl of porridge?

So, do the carbohydrates in beer make it more caloric than other alcoholic beverages?  The truth is that most beer has about the same calories as the equivalent glass of wine or shot of hard alcohol.  Basically, drinking alcohol means consuming calories.   But, beer does have more carbs.

If you’re on a strict no-carb diet, avoiding beer will keep the carb count down, but I don’t recommend those types of strict exclusion diets.  And for those of you who think light beer is the answer, well, I’m from Ireland so I don’t really know what that is or why it exists.

I say, have the beer you really like, enjoy it responsibly and give an occasional toast to the Egyptians that started it all – this bowl of fermented porridge is for you!

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