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An Aspirin A Day

An Aspirin A Day
An Aspirin A Day
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Is an aspirin a day better than an apple a day at keeping the doctor away?

According to the US Preventive Services Task Force, an aspirin a day for people in their fifties and sixties may help in the prevention of a first heart attack or stroke. This is so-called primary prevention—in other words: if you’ve never had a heart attack or stroke, this will prevent one. There may also, and I stress may, be the added benefit of preventing colon cancer.

Here’s what you should know if you’re considering the “good for you” aspirin daily routine:

  • If you have a high risk of heart attack and a low risk of bleeding, an aspirin a day may just do the trick to keep you healthy.
  • An aspirin regimen must be taken seriously to be effective.  That means one a day, every single day, of every month, of every year—otherwise it simply won’t work or worse.  You may end up getting a nasty side effect like a bleed.
  • If you do decide to go on an aspirin regimen and you get a stomach upset, indigestion or dark stool, you should stop taking the aspirin and see your physician.
  • An aspirin regimen may not be right for everyone, so checking with your doctor before starting is a must.

So an aspirin a day does keep the doctor away, but when it comes to taste the humble apple wins hands down.



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