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  • DCOC Medical Minutes

    Don't miss the latest Dr. Chambers On Call Medical Minute! Your one-stop page for all of Dr. Chambers' nationally syndicated health tips.

  • VIDEO: Therapeutic Stink

    Would you believe me if I told you that people used to think there were health benefits to the scent of, well, flatulence? It's true! Dr. Chambers exposes the truth about that and more in this video.

  • An Aspirin A Day

    Does an aspirin a day keep the doctor away? Or would we be better off relying on the trusty apple?

    Dr. Chambers has the answer!

  • Underwear Under There?

    Is it safe to go commando? Should you sleep sans-undies? What type of underwear is best? Let Dr. Chambers give you the lowdown on what you wear down low.

The New Mammogram Guidelines

The New Mammogram Guidelines

Check out my appearance on the Chad Benson Show. We talk mammograms, the new guidelines and, so the guys don’t feel left out, prostate cancer. And if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between men’s breasts and women’s&...

An Aspirin A Day

An Aspirin A Day

Is an aspirin a day better than an apple a day at keeping the doctor away? According to the US Preventive Services Task Force, an aspirin a day for people in their fifties and sixties may help in the prevention of a first heart attack or stroke. This...

Expensive Child’s Play:  Pedialyte for Hangovers?

Expensive Child’s Play: Pedialyte for Hangovers?

Pedialyte, the kids’ rehydration drink, is being swallowed up by adults. The urban myth is that it revives and restores you post work-out and, much more importantly, helps cure hangovers. In fact even Miley Cyrus has been spotted drinking Pedialyte i...

Healthcare Coverage: Obamacare v. Single Payer

Healthcare Coverage: Obamacare v. Single Payer

On Dr. Chambers’ recent visit to The Chad Benson Show, they got into the pros and cons of single payer and why we Americans pay more than anyone else on earth for health care BUT by no stretch of the imagination are we healthier. And yet after ...